Remote Control is an important part of set-top boxes and TV sticks. With remote, the user can switch and use the functions of the set-top box and TV Stick at will. There are three main types of Set-Top Boxes and TV Sticks, ATV/Google Certified TV Boxes and TV Sticks, iATV/TV Boxes and TV Sticks with similar interfaces to Google, but without certification, and AOSP/Open Source TV Boxes and TV Sticks. Because of the different systems, the matching remote control is not too. ATV and iATV are matched with Bluetooth voice remote control, and AOSP devices are matched with infrared remote control in general, and some of them will be matched with 2.4G remote control.

Today we want to share the topic is mainly Bluetooth can not be connected, or, no Bluetooth interface on iATV device, how to connect Bluetooth remote?

The reason for this problem may be that the manufacturer has conducted a random test during the production process and connected other Bluetooth remotes, which is why the interface without Bluetooth connection appears.

Normally, you just need to restore the device to the remote control’s pending pairing status. There are currently 3 ways to restore the device to the unpaired state.

Method 1: Restart the device 3 times to restore the pending pairing status.

Power on the device and enter the boot wizard to count the reboot, reboot three times, do not press the remote control buttons during the reboot process, the third time will pop up the pairing interface!

Method 2: Use 2.4G remote control to restore the device to the pending pairing state.

Connect the 2.4G remote control, enter the setting interface, find the Bluetooth, clear the Bluetooth remote control record in the Bluetooth record, and then the pairing interface will pop up.

Method 3: After the device is restored to factory settings, it will also show as pending pairing when rebooting.

We can upgrade the device by upgrading the firmware, after the upgrade is completed, the device will restore the factory settings after reboot. Or use the 2.4G remote control, enter the setting interface, find the reset option, click reset, the device will restore the factory settings.

Currently there are three iATV devices that can be used to solve this problem by the above method, these three devices are: iATV Q3 TV Stick, iATV Q5 TV Box, iATV Q5 Plus Black TV Box.

If you want to know more, you can watch the video below.