A fiberglass antenna is a vital tool for helium miners, in order to increase the signal of helium mining, get more $HNT cryptocurrency earnings. The gain of the helium miner antenna is used to measure the ability of the antenna to send and receive signals in a particular direction. MHz refers to the frequency band of the LoRa antenna. Different countries use different frequency bands, such as 868MHz and 915MHz.

When choosing a helium mining antenna, be sure to choose the right one according to your installation location and environment, as well as the antenna parameters. A lot of antennas are recommended to use fiberglass antennas outdoors because it has good electrical insulation, good wave permeability, and better signal. Moreover, fiberglass antenna has strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, impact resistance, and can be applied to -45 degrees low temperature or 110 degrees high temperature in harsh environment.

Currently we offer the following hot selling fiberglass antennas: 3dBi LoRa Fierbglass antenna, 4 dBi LoRa antenna, 5 dBi LoRa antenna, 5.8 dBi Fiberglass antenna, 8dBi LoRa antenna, 10 dBi LoRa antenna, 12 dBi LoRa antenna. You can select the appropriate frequency band according to the frequency band of your country/region.

Is there any difference between US915 MHz vs. AU915 MHz Helium Miner Antenna?

If you are in Australia and have an AU915 helium miner, you can use the US915 antenna, but you cannot use the US915 miner. Because each country has different regulations on how LoRa radio works in the nearby frequency range, the AU915 and US915 helium hotspot miners are different in terms of hardware, so the US915 equipment will not work properly in Australia or elsewhere.

And antennas are mostly with different frequency bands. The US spectrum is 902-928 MHZ, while Australia is 915-928 MHZ. As long as it is in line with this range, such as US915, AU915 can be used in the corresponding helium hotspot mining. For example: You live in Australia and you want to buy a helium antenna, so, You can choose 8 dBi 900MhZ-930mhz 1100mm US915 Fiberglass Antenna or 860MhZ-930mhz 10dBi 1300mm Fiberglass LoRa Antenna and
860MHz-930MHz 12dBi 1500mm Fiberglass high gain antenna. Because these three antennas are in the frequency bands.

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