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To be first, I’d like to hope you guys are doing great since it has been a tough period even in my lifetime. The good news is that the virus has finished here, so hopefully, it can soon be handled on your side.

Here I am talking to you about the products we are selling. We added a series of new products this year, but no worries, cause we will stick to the world IPTV what we have insisted for really long.

European Solutions

For European cust

omers, we now have many options.

GTV application series & QHDTV IPTV series

Still, we set up different applications for various needs. If you would like to enjoy the high quality of the pictures and are willing to pay a little more, GTV, as well as iviewHD, would be a great choice for you, full HD picture, in time update of the TV along with the movie series, professional engineer team with full support, everything is just made for you. But it is okay if you want more channels, care not much about the quality, then I suggest QHDTV as your first option. With the ability that works on various devices such as mag box, smartTV, and Android devices, QHDTV has been popular among European clients. Meanwhile, it charges less than the GTV series.

Purchasing link for GTV series

Purchasing link for QHDTV series

American Options

Well, it is when preparing this, that I realize that we do have such a big amount of IPTV packages in our store.

For Ameican customers, SUBTV, BESTHD, and IUDTV would be a perfect selection. Just like European ones, we give free trials, you can find if these packages suitable by having tests on them.

Purchasing link for SUBTV

The Brand New IPTV

You may find that we now have no good choice for Asian and Arabic clients, well, we found that as well. We did have a package called POPTV in the past but it did not get highly rated, so we decided to set a brand-new one at th

e base of POPTV.

So when we finished collecting suggestions, we made a summary, to find out what channels are the most wanted ones, and we are now ready to put them on the brand new package, the name of it has not been given, so if you guys have any good suggestions, we will be appreciated.

Leave us messages to tell what should be a good name of it, 😉

Also, we will give trials for free, let’s see how the brand new package acts.

Kindly noted.

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