Just as our phones do, TV boxes play a very important role in our daily lives, so this short essay is for the purpose to help you to choose an appropriate box.

Some sellers may tell you the following words, ANDROID VERSION, RAM, CHIP, ROM and etc.

Are these things important? Yes, of course, they are important.

But are they easy to understand what they represent? Or just the higher version, bigger RAM/ROM and faster Chip are better? I doubt that.

Yes, for high needs, such as playing some games on TV, we need a higher Android version to support more games, related bigger Ram/Rom to storage more applications and faster chip to gain better game experience.

But for basic needs, there’s not much to do with these things, what you need to do, is to choose a smart shape, suitable storage, and then run the box to access live channels or Vods.

So, what are the key points, it is up to your needs. Click our site for more info.