Many people don’t know how to pick the right connector when adding a helium miner antenna to their helium mining. Let’s focus on what are they and how to differentiate them below.

What is RPSMA Male Connector? What is RPSMA Female Connector?

RP-SMA Male Connector



RP-SMA Male Connector

Without Pin, Thread Inside

RP-SMA Female Connector

With Pin, Thread Outside

If your helium miner will have an RP-SMA Female connector. This means you need to have an RP-SMA male connector on the fiberglass antenna cable.

For example, what we selling for the fiberglass antenna cables is the N Female to RP-SMA Male connector. If your helium mining needs RP-SMA male connector, then this Fiberglass LoRa Antenna works on yours.

At the same time, there are all kinds of helium hotspot miners on the market, not that all of them are RP-SMA Female connectors. There are also a lot of miners that may require an SMA Female Connector, what kind of connector is this?

SMA Female Connector

SMA Female Connector

Without Pin, Thread outside

SMA Male Connector

With Pin, Thread Inside

SMA Male Connector

Assuming your miner has SMA Female, then you will need fiberglass antenna cables with SMA Male connector. If so, our antennas will also work for you, as each of our antennas is equipped with an SMA Male to RP-SMA-Female Adapter, so it will work with most miners.

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