Hello, this is Steve, and I’d like to share some knowledge about an android box.

Equipping the traditional televisions with the Android system that released by Google, an android TV box  enables TV set to connect to the Internet as smart phones and pads do.

By associating internet with televisions, an Android box creates a brand new entertainment system, it make is possible for us to install applications on TV set and remove it, and via this way, it makes unlimited contents happen.

We have had enough before Android boxes released, the old ones show us the same channels all the time, on which we are not accessible to the internet, not available to choose those programs to our preference, and then, the boxes came.

So, you may have the problem that with an android box, what you can do. Here comes some functions of them.

  1. WIFI, yes, boxes are surely available to WLAN, so that you can surf the internet, chat online and watch live videos.
  2. Videos, of course boxes have the function of play videos, full HD up to 1080P, various forms such as RMVB,ASF、AVI、MP4、WMV and so on available on them.
  3. It is very easy to use. You can handle it by a remote control like traditional televisions, or control it by a mouse & keyboard.

More surprises on an Android box waiting to be found out.

To be continued…