Streaming device connects to your TV and to the Internet, allowing you to surf the web and watch all kinds of streaming software at home (music, TV shows, movies, games, sports, live shows, etc.). So, what is the best media streaming device for TV?

Currently, there are two main types of media streaming devices for TVs, which are connected to TVs via AV cables, which are relatively old versions of TVs. The other is through HDMI, which is the more common one. So, when you are buying a streaming device, you need to confirm whether the TV Box can connect to your TV. There are streaming devices that only have HDMI connection and no AV cable connection, if it does not match your TV’s condition, the device will not work either. Besides this most basic information, what other information do we need to determine?

Some popular products are: HAKO PRO TV Box, iATV Q5 Plus Blakc TV Box, Q8 TV Box, etc.

1. Android version: The latest Android system is Android 13.0, followed by Android 12, Android 11, Android 10, Android 9, etc.

2. Remote control: Is the remote control Bluetooth, 2.4G or IR connection?

3. Chipset: Amlogic chip, Rockchip chip, Allwinner chip

4. Memory: from the initial 1G+8G to bigger memory, such as 2G+8G, 2G+16G, 4G+32G, 4G+64G, 8G+64G, 8G+128G.

5. WIFI: Single WIFI or Dual WIFI?

6. 4K: All existing TV Boxes are 4K capable, some can support 6K decoding and 8K decoding.

7. Other features: whether it has Bluetooth, whether it supports network cable connection, whether it has USB port, and so on.

The above product parameters are closely related to the price of the product. Users can choose a cost-effective product according to their budget and product requirements. Many product parameters are similar, only the design is different.

Q5 PLUS S905W2 Android 11 iATV TV Box
iATV Q5 H316 Android TV Box with BLE Remote Control