Many Android TV boxes come with original infrared remote controls. The cost is low, but there is no cover in front of the remote. 2.4GHz wireless remote control using 2.4G wireless module, currently more commonly used, but also perfect to solve the problem of IR remote control. As long as your USB receiver is plugged into the tv box, you can remotely control the TV from any angle in your room. Bluetooth air mouse remote control is the latest technology that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to control the TV. You just need to connect Bluetooth and you can use it.

Can I buy an air mouse remote for an Android tv box at $9.9?
Yes, probably.
From Amazon, we can find out the price of tv remote control are both cheap and expensive. Why?

The price is directly affected by the function of the remote control, the normal functions are as follows:
* IR learning: are able to replace your original old remote of your Samsung Smart TV
* Bluetooth: the quickest way for using the remote
* 2.4GHz: wireless technology, can connect in 10m-15meters.
* Gyroscopic: fast move your screen cursor
* Keyboard: a quick way to enter letters and numbers
* Voice: Google voice search
* Backlight: useful in a dark environment

Each function links the price closely, therefore choose whatever you need.

For only $9.9 with free shipping, what kind of air mouse remote do we have?

BPR1 air mouse with BLE and IR learning: choose BPR1.
BPR1S air mouse with BLE, Gyroscopic: choose BPR1S.

BPR1S plus
Bluetooth air mouse with IR learning, 2.4G, Gyroscopic, Voice: full functions, highly recommend!
G10S 2.4GHz wireless air mouse with Gyroscopic, Voice:
i8 wireless air mouse with 2.4G, keyboard, backlit:

Note: the shipping cost is higher than the air mouse itself for most of the countries. So the free shipping activity of the above items is for the UK and US only. For other areas, pls add my Whatsapp/Viber/Telegram(+86 18126129120) or email me at about the shipping info or other details(other products, OEM, ODM, Dropshipping, etc), I will reply to you very soon.