What’s the Difference Between X96 X4 and X6 Android TV Box?

They are all the 2021 newest Android TV box, and the name looks similar, but they are totally different.

  1. Chips: X96 X4 uses Amlogic S905X4 while X6 use RockChip 3566
  2. RAM: X96 X6 support 8G which X96 X4 is only 4G
  3. Bluetooth: X96 X4 supports BT 4.1, but X96 X6 only support BT 4.2
  4. LAN: X96 X6 supports 1000M, X96 X4 supports 100.
  5. Price: definitely different
    Except the above features, they all support 85 decoding and 2.5G/5G WiFi.

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