LoRa fiberglass antenna is an auxiliary tool for the helium miner, the main function is to improve the signal of the miner and to get more HNT rewards.

Nowadays, there are many different gains and lengths of LoRa Antenna in the world.
Is the higher the gain, the better it is for my miner?
No. The higher the gain of the antenna, the narrower its transmit and receive path will become.

3dBi fiberglass antenna, suitable for indoors, around the city with obstructions.

5.8dBi fiberglass antenna
, suitable for indoor and outdoor, attic, roof, partially structured obscured

8 dBi antenna
, suitable for outdoor, can be placed on the roof, where there is a mountain structure obstruction.

10 dib antenna
, suitable for outdoors, mountaintop, no obstacle place.

lora antenna 868MHz/915MHz for helium mining hotspot

Which Frequencies Should I choose for My Hotspot Miner Antenna?

Each country’s standard is different. They are as follows.

European standards: EU868 (863-870MHz) and EU433 (433MHz)
US standards: US915 (902-928MHz)
Australian standard: AU915 (915-928MHz)
Some Asian countries: AS923 (923MHz)
Korean standard: KR923 (920-923MHz)
Indian Standard:IN865(865-867MHz)
Russian standard: RU864 (864-870MHz)

Therefore, if you are using in the US, you just need to buy the helium miner antenna within the US standard. If you don’t get it right or buy the wrong one, you are not able to use it at all.

Now, we have these three main LoRa antennas.

1. 860MHz-930MHz: 3dBi/300mm length; 4dBi/500mm length; 10dBi/1300mm length; 12dBi/1500mm length;

2. 858MHz-878MHz: 5.8dBi/800mm length; 8dBi/1100mm length;

3. 900MHz-930MHz: 5.8dBi/800mm length; 8dBi/1100mm length;

If you are using it in the US, then you can choose the first or the third fiberglass antenna for helium hotspot mining. As long as it is within this range, your helium explorer can be used. Therefore, the first model is suitable for use in multiple countries, while the third model is only suitable for some countries (including USA, Australia, Korea). Similarly, the second one is suitable for only some countries, and the first one is the most comprehensive.

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