Helium is a global, distributed hotspot network that creates public, long-range wireless coverage for LoRaWAN-enabled IoT devices. Hotspots are generated and compensated by HNT, a local cryptocurrency on the Helium blockchain.

Hotspots are wireless routers similar to your home WiFi router that enable smart devices to connect to global wireless networks. In exchange for hosting a Mint Hotspot and building a network, you can earn Helium Network Tokens (HNT) that will be converted into cash and paid to you.

The antenna can increase the Helium Miner signal and let you get more $HNT coins. There are various kinds of antennas on the market, but they all serve the same purpose. When you are looking for a Fiberglass antenna, you will find that they have different dBi? What does this mean?

DBi is the unit measure of the antenna gain, which measures the ability of the antenna to direct or concentrate radio frequency in a particular direction or pattern. There are 3 dBi, 4 dBi, 5.8 dBi, 8 dBi, 10 dBi, and 12 dBi on the market.

Higher dBi is not always better than different dBi for different places.

For example:
3 dBi: cities, or the place were surrounded by some structural obstruction
5.8 dBi: Indoor and outdoor, like attic or roof-top
8 dBi: Outdoor, high placement roof-top, with low visible structure/mountain obstruction.
10 dBi: Outdoor, highest point, or mountain top, no obstructions visible in all directions. Highest dBi signal for use with longer cable attenuation.

Surely, different dBi antennas will have different lengths and prices.

3dBi 300mm fiberglass antenna
4dBi 500mm fiberglass antenna
5.8dBi 800mm fiberglass antenna
8dBi 1100mm fiberglass antenna
10dBi 1300mm fiberglass antenna
12dBi 1500mm
fiberglass antenna

For different areas/countries, it will need different frequency ranges.

For examples:
EU / Japan / Middle East / India: 868MHz – EU868 (863-870MHz)
USA / Canada: 915MHz – US915 (902-928MHz)
Thailand: 915 (923) MHz – US915 (902-928 MHz)

The normal standards
European standard: EU868 (863-870MHz) and EU433 (433MHz)
US standard: US915 (902-928MHz)
Australian standard: AU915 (915-928MHz)
Standard for other Asian countries: AS923 (923MHz)
Korean standard: KR923(920-923MHz)
Indian Standard:IN865(865-867MHz)
Russian standard: RU864(864-870MHz)

Use the right or best antenna for your helium hotspots, you will be able to get more strong signals and more earnings.

For example, you are living suburb in Australia. The Australian standard is 915MHz-928MHz. Therefore, I will recommend an 8 dBi Hotspot miner antenna.

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