Android TV boxes, like smartphones, refer to that it has a fully open platform, carrying the Android operating system. The users can install and uninstall Apps, third-party service providers such as game procedures, through such procedures continuously extended the function of the TV, and can be done by cable, wireless Internet surfing a nomenclature of a new generation of TV boxes.

Under the pressure of market competition, the development of chips, software, and hardware for Android TV boxes has been rapid. Now I will briefly introduce some common chipsets of TV boxes.

1. Amlogic

Amlogic was founded in 1995, has rich experience in the high integration of multimedia SoC chips, common S905X3, S905X4, S905W, S905X, S905X2, S912, S922X, and other models.

Hot selling TV Box products are as below:

x96 Max Plus and H96 Max X3 with Amlogic S905X3 chipsets
x96 x4 s905x4 Android box with S905X4 chipset.

2. RockChip

Founded in 2001, RockChip focuses on integrated circuit design and research and development and has developed into a leading Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) processor chip company. Common chip models used in set-top boxes are RK3228A, RK3229, RK3318, RK3328, RK3368, RK3399, etc.

Popular TV Boxes products are as below:

RK3566 Android boxes: X96 X6 RK3566; X88 pro 20 RK3566; T95 Plus RK3566; H96 Max RK3566; Which X96 X6 TV box and X88 Pro 20 is the latest model with good performance.

RockChip 3318 Android boxes: X88 Pro; X88 Pro 10

RK3328 Android boxes: H96 Max Plus

3. Allwinner

Founded in 2007, Allwinner is a leading designer of smart application processor SoCs, high-performance simulator components, and wireless connectivity chips. Common models are H3, H313, H6, H603, H616, etc.

Best selling boxes:
H96 Max H616:
X96 Mate H616:
T95 Allwinner H616 Android TV box:

Comparing these three chipsets, Amlogic is the best and most mature product. When you have the budget, you can choose Amlogic Android boxes or Rockchip boxes. Both prices of boxes are higher than Allwinner TV boxes.

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