Google TV and Android TV have always been a hot topic, so do you know the difference between them?

First of all, Google TV is still Android TV, you can think of Google TV as the theme of Andorid TV, because the most important thing for Google this time is to change the layout, add more matching videos, etc., to improve the use effect.

If you think about the system update concept of Android phones, Android TV in the past can be regarded as Android 7, while Google TV is Android 8. Because you can see that the entire Google TV is still using the Android system at the bottom.

In addition to the name of Google TV, its biggest change is the home page. Google has added display suggestions, which will add some programs from the services you have subscribed to provide more choices. In conjunction with it, Google Home is also added during the entire installation process. You can directly select the required Streaming Service on Google Home, or you can customize the homepage.

In a word: Google TV is an Android TV system that is deeply controlled by Google to control UI interaction and aims to provide users with content aggregation. The most essential function is content aggregation. For example, if I wanted to watch a certain movie before, I had to open one APP one by one to find it. On Google TV, I search for a movie first, and Google TV will tell me which app the movie is in, and I can just open the app I have subscribed to.

However, even if you have a high-quality, high-configuration smart TV, you will find that the memory of the TV itself is very small, and you cannot download a lot of software. If users want to download more software, they can use a set-top box or TV dongle. After connecting, the TV is used as a display screen, and the set-top box and TV stick are equal to the system, so it is necessary to choose a suitable and well-running set-top box and TV stick.

Below I have listed an Android TV Box and TV Stick respectively, you can click on the picture to get more content.

X96 MAX+ Ultra S905X4 8K TV Box
iATV Smart TV Stick Q3 with USB