Sometimes, we got some feedback that his android tv box can not turn on, which can not work at all. It normally happens on his box have used for one year or longer. Why caused it? And how to solve it?
  • Check if the signal light of the tv box turns on or not. If it does not turn on, it might be your android box is broken on its supply power or the PCB. Also, make sure your TV box is connected well. If the power suppler is not working, kindly change a new one. If the PCB problem, I guess you need to contact with the Android Box seller if still in the warranty.
  • If the connection is great, and PCB does not have problem. You need to focus on what color of the signal light on your TV box. If the signal light of the box is red at the begining, and don’t turn on blue, it means your box is broken. It will be better for you to contact with the Android TV Box seller with a detailed and clearly video with the situation now.
  • The last situation might be the box turns on red, and turn on blue very quickly, but the box become black screen. In this case, you should check the HD/MI cable is connected. You can plug off the cable, and change another new cable to the android box. If the new cable is still not working, you need to check the signal source of your tv by switching different signal sources.

As long as you rule out the above situations one by one, your box problem can basically be solved. Of course, the quality of Android boxes on the market today is uneven, try to choose a box that has good reviews. As far as I know, the x96 max plus tv box is more prone to this problem. However, compared to the time when it was first released, it has improved a lot.

In addition to the box can not turn no, a number of customers may also have the following situations.

The box has been started, but it is stuck in the startup page. How to solve this problem?

1. The box does not have enough memory, which causes the page to not load or possibly causes the software to get stuck in operation. Therefore, you need to reduce the software and free up the memory. Meanwhile, here is a tip. Do not choose a small ROM&RAM box if you need to download or save more Apps.

2. System problem. You should force shutdown and then reopen, or factory reset. If it still does not work, there may be a problem with the box. Please send a video and then contact the seller.

These are some of the more common situations. If there are more box problems, please WhatsApp, send a video, and problems. I will answer for you as soon as possible.

Also, here I would like to recommend two items, which with a good feedback and hot selling.

x88 pro 20 android tv box
x96 x4 Amlogis S905X4 8K Android TV Box

From the above pictures with the details, you may ask What is the difference between these two android boxes?

Item Name Chipset Android 8K Decoding Dual WIFI 100M/1000M BT Voice Remote BT RAM&ROM Price
X88 Pro 20 RockChip RK3566 11.0 Yes Yes 1000M only Yes V4.2




X96 X4 Amlogic S905x4 11.0 Yes Yes 100M or 1000M No V4.1




Except for the above features, we can find the exterior design is different.

X96 X4 tv box has a shining colorful lighting effect when is running.

x96 x4 Amlogis S905X4 8K Android TV Box

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