Today, this article will share some situations and solutions for some TVboxes not turning on.

Check if the LED digital screen is on. If the device does not have an LED screen, you can see if the indicator light is on.
If it does not light up, you can let the customer use the corresponding firmware to try it. If it still doesn’t work, the main board of the box may be burned, and the customer may need to buy a new box.

If the indicator light is on, but the TV shows no signal, you can follow the following inspection methods: Check whether the HDMI connection socket is correct, and confirm that the HDMI socket and the TV signal port selected by the customer are consistent. Then re-plug or try another socket. If it still doesn’t work, you can try a new HDMI cable and check the box’s HDMI jack for foreign objects.

If the above methods still do not work, you can ask the customer to test it on a high-definition TV, such as taking the box to his friend’s house to try it. If possible, it may be a problem with the resolution set by the TV Box. You can lower the resolution of the box and try it at your own home.

If the above still does not work, if it is a new box, it is recommended that the customer send the new box back to the seller or buy a new box.

There must be other reasons why the box cannot be turned on. The quickest solution is to communicate with the seller and provide detailed video and text descriptions to inform the current situation, so that the seller can give a good answer. If it is just a simple explanation that the box cannot be used, and there is no more explanation text and video, it will be difficult for the seller to solve the problem.

The above are some questions about the box. If you have other box questions, please leave a message below and I will contact you as soon as possible, thank you!