Android TV box is one of the hot selling electronic products nowadays. It is an essential TV peripheral for almost every home. All TV boxes will be used together with the corresponding remote control. Currently, the TV boxes on the market are mainly paired with these remotes.

1. ATV system (Google certified) TV boxes are paired with Bluetooth remote controls. So, you only need to connect the Bluetooth when you turn on the TV Box for the first time to use it. Some ATV boxes have batteries in the remote control, some don’t, so you need to use the batteries and then match it with the Bluetooth of the TV box. If the Bluetooth connection screen does not appear, it is possible that they forgot to clear the test section when it was shipped from the factory, so you need to reconnect it.

2. Some AOSP and iATV system TV boxes are paired with Bluetooth remote control, some are paired with 2.4G remote control, and most are infrared remote control.

A. Regardless of the type of remote control, make sure that the remote control is operated with the batteries put in.

B. Make sure the battery life, if the battery power is not enough, some remotes are not working or the buttons are not working great.

C. Make sure the 2.4G remote control is paired successfully before using it.

D. Infrared remote control needs to be aimed at the box to use, and can not be used too far away from the distance.

All of the above are relatively basic information of the remote control air mouse. For different remotes, different solutions are needed.

Frequently asked questions are as follows:

1. all the buttons can not be used, the signal light does not light?

2. some buttons can’t be used? Or some remote control functions can not be used, such as voice, gyroscope?

3. can not infrared learning?

etc. etc. etc.

These kinds of problems all need to correspond to different devices and remote control, and one by one to solve. If you happen to have a remote control problem, you can leave me a message, I will reply you within 24 hours!

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