Smart TVs, Android TV boxes, DVB boxes, and other streaming media devices have remote controls with various features.
From the original infrared-connected remote to the current Bluetooth remote, the update iteration of the remote has been fast. In addition to connectivity, there are also leaps in functions, such as voice control, gyroscope, backlight, live, mini keyboard, infrared learning, anti-loss function remote, and more.

So what if the buttons on my remote don’t work?
First, you need to confirm the status of the indicator light when you press the button. Then according to the situation of the indicator light, see how to deal with it.
1. If the indicator light keeps flashing, it needs to be paired again. Then you need to re-pair infrared or Bluetooth.

2. If the indicator light does not light up, or it takes a lot of presses to light up. You can try replacing the battery first. Many customers use old batteries, or batteries that have been used for a long time, which may not be enough to drive this remote control. If the new battery used is still unusable, you can disassemble the remote control, clean the electronic board, and then see if it returns to normal.
If the above two methods still do not work, there is a high probability that it will be a quality problem with the tv remote control, and you need to communicate with the seller in time.

3. If the indicator light of the remote control is clicked and then on, there is a high probability that the remote control is not compatible with the device you are using.
For example, many ordinary remote controls or air mouses cannot be used on Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Therefore, it is recommended to observe the seller’s product link to see if some devices do not match or consult the seller directly before purchasing the remote control.

The above is about the relevant situation of the remote control buttons. If there are more remote control problems, you can communicate with me through the message below, thank you!