X88 Pro 13 TV Box is a streaming device with latest Android 13.0 OS, new RK3528 chipset with 8K Video decoding. Since the release of this TV Box, it has been popular and sales continue to rise. For some new users in Android TV Box, they may wonder why I need a streaming device while I already have a TV?

Users already have a TV and buy streaming devices for the following reasons:

1. The TV is older, not a smart TV, and buying an Android TV box will allow access to more smart-type software and make it easier to use. After all, the cost of buying a smart TV is too high. The old TV can still be used or is still in perfect condition, there is no need to spend so much money to replace the new generation of smart TV.

2. The smart TV at home is older and has less memory to use more apps that are available in the Android set-top box. Therefore, users can buy a 4K or 8K TV Box with a large memory to use more streaming devices.

3. Smart TVs cannot download third-party software. Many people want to watch some live content, this kind of program usually has its own apk app, and can not be found in google play store, so many people will buy TV box to use together.

With a streaming box, the TV at home is completely acting as a display. So, if you want to use your TV box, you can connect your TV via HDMI or AV cable. You can also connect your TV box via HDMI to other devices that have HDMI ports so that you can access the content inside the TV box without any restrictions.

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