Air Mouse is an upgraded version of the regular remote control, from the original IR remote to the existing 2.4G or Bluetooth-connected remotes, and has more gyroscope, voice, backlight, and other features.

With these features, users can use the remote control more conveniently and quickly on TVs and TV boxes. Moreover, many of them can also be used on computers, projectors and other devices.

So, we will share a multi-function remote control called BPR3S Plus Air Mouse.

BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control

1. 2.4G or Bluetooth connection, you can connect it according to different devices.

2. Support full key infrared learning

3. 6 Axis Gyroscope

4. Support voice function

5. Numeric buttons

6. TV Four Buttons Infrared Isolation, the 4 keys can control your Smart TV at the same time. For example: BPR3S Plus is connected to a set-top box via Bluetooth, you can use these four buttons at the same time to quickly access your Smart TV’s power, signal source, and TV’s sound level.

Note: These four buttons match Samsung Smart TVs by default. It means that Samsung Smart TV can be used directly, other TVs need to learn to use it.

If you buy BPR3S Plus air mouse, you can one remote control to control 2 different devices.