DVB set-top box is a consumer electronic product that converts satellite digital TV signals into high-quality audio and video signals, allowing users to watch satellite TV programs on existing analog TVs and perform interactive digital entertainment, education and commercial activities. The main function of the set-top box can be divided into Internet set-top box, digital satellite set-top box (DVB-S), digital terrestrial set-top box (DVB-T), cable TV digital set-top box (DVB-C). Users can purchase suitable DVB boxes according to their needs and local needs.

But what to do if your DVB Box won’t start?

1. First, you can check whether the LED screen of the box is on. If there is no light, it may be that the main board of the box is burned out, and you may need to buy a new box.
2. Secondly, if the LED screen is on, but the TV shows no signal, you need to check whether the connection socket of the HD or AV cable is correct, and whether the signal source of the TV is selected correctly. You can try another socket, or change to a new HD or AV cable.
3. Finally, if the above methods still does not work, you can take the DVB box to your friend’s house to try it out to see if the same situation exists. If it still doesn’t work, it is recommended that you communicate with the seller directly to see how to solve this after-sales problem.

At the same time, there are several DVB boxes listed below, with DVB T2, DVB S2, DVB T2+S2 functions, which one is suitable for you?

dvb t2 set top box
DVB S2 HD9800 Set Top Box