Many helium miners on the market are similar in performance, so many people are upgrading and positioning their Helium Miner Antenna and cables to get more HNT gains with Helium Hotspot Miner.
If you Google, you will find 3dBi, 4dBi, 5dBi, 5.8dBi, 7dBi, 8dBi, 10 dBi, and 12 dBi high gain antennas on the market and in different lengths and frequencies. How to pick the right hotspot miner antenna?

different lengths 868MHZ/915MHZ helium miner antenna
As the antenna gain increases, the vertical path of the antenna becomes narrower. Gain is not a unit of measurement, but Helium Miner Antenna gain does correlate with size to some extent. Therefore, fiberglass Antenna with the same gain is not necessarily the same height, and a high gain antenna can be larger than a low gain antenna. Our current Helium Miner Antenna spectrum is 858MHz-930MHz. Click HERE for more information.
Depending on the range you want to install the antenna, choose the right Helium Miner Antenna.

  • For densely populated urban environments, you can use low band antennas such as 3dBi, and 4dBi helium hotspot fiberglass outdoor antennas.
  • For suburban environments, 5.8dBi fiberglass Antenna or 6dBi fiberglass outdoor antennas can be used.
  • For more rural applications, 8 dBi fiberglass LoRa antennas can be used as providing a good tradeoff between the vertical path of the signal and the total reachable distance.
  • For very rural and remote areas (urban or suburban), a 10 dBi or 12 dBi outdoor fiberglass Helium Miner Antenna would be a better choice.

Therefore, be sure to choose the right antenna after confirming your location. You cannot choose randomly. In addition, you also need to choose the corresponding antenna according to the local country’s frequency. Here are the frequencies of some countries.

  • EU Russia Japan Middle East India: 868MHz – EU868 (863-870MHz)
  • USA Canada: 915MHz – US915 (902-928MHz)
  • Thailand: 915(923)MHz – US915 (902-928MHz)

Got the Helium Mining hotspot, Fiberglass Antenna, and cable are connected, and you have the extra necessary components, you are ready to start collecting your HNT.

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