N Type Female to RP-SMA Male Cable for Helium Hotspot HNT Miner LoRa Fiberglass Antenna (1)

The helium miner antenna cable is an accessory tool for the fiberglass antenna to reduce more losses and increase the HNT rewards. However, in most cases, the purchase of an Fiberglass LoRa antenna will match a cable, so why do many people still buy additional cables?

Many Helium Mining hotspot have antennas that are paired with LMR200 cables, which are 0.200 inches thick. There are also 195, 240, and 400 on the market. This value represents the thickness of the indicated shield and correlates with its low loss level.

There are many different cables on the market, this article is only for LMR400 N Female to RP-SMA Male Cable.

The advantages of the helium miner LMR 400 cable are as follows:

  1. The LMR400 cable has less decibel loss than the LMR200 and is 0.400inch thick.
  2. High-quality Rubber+Copper materials
  3. 50 Ohm impedance
  4. Suitable for military and test equipment, amateur and radio antennas, avionics, and others, which is the best cable for helium antenna
  5. LMR-400 components are the standard for the wireless LAN industry
  6. 10ft, 16ft, 26ft, 33ft, 39ft, 49ft lengths of cable are available
  7. LMR-400 Cable assemblies significantly boost the RF signal range and coverage for Helium Hotspot devices
  8. Universal fit for many hotspot miner antenna

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