Currently, all TV boxes are supporting 4K decoding function, so users can watch 4K content without any limitation on the TV Box.

How to watch 8K video on TV box?

1. Confirm whether the Android TV box supports 8K decoding function?

2. Does the HDMI cable support 8K?

3. At present, most HDMI output ports support up to 4K only.

4. Does the display support 8K content?

5. Is the video source 8K?

From the above points, we can completely determine why your TV box can’t watch 8K content. The only solution for now is to buy

8K TV.

So, what 8K TV boxes are available on the market? I’ve listed a few boxes below to see if there’s a product you like.

1. TX66 TV Box with RK3566, Android 11.0 OS, BT 5.0, Dual WIFI, 1000M, 8K TV Box

2. X96 MAX+ Ultra TV Box with Amlogic S905X4, Android 11.0, BT4.X, Dual WIFI, 100M, 8K Streaming Box.

3. H96 Max V56 TV Box with Android 12.0, Rockchip RK3566, BT4.0, Dual WIFI, 1000M, 8K video decoding.

TX66 RK3566 Android 11 8K TV Box
X96 MAX+ Ultra S905X4 8K TV Box
H96 MAX V56 Rockchip RK3566 Android 12 TV Box BT4.0 Dual WIFI 1000M 8K Streaming Box