BPR1S Plus Bluetooth Air Mouse
G10S Voice Air Mouse with Gyroscope

Because of its unique features and ease of use, air mouse have always been popular for years. An air mouse can be used on Smart TV, set-top box, firestick, laptop, and other devices. Most air mouse are connected via 2.4G or Bluetooth.

So what is the gyroscope on the air mouse? How to use the gyroscope?

The gyroscope is a function similar to gravity sensing, which can control the air mouse by shaking the direction of the Air Mouse. Most air mouse’s gyroscope buttons are in the shape of an arrow.

Using the gyroscope on the air mouse is the same as that on the mouse, so you can quickly move the cursor to the specified position, instead of the traditional slowly moving up, down, left and right.

However, some users buy air mouse, and its gyroscope cannot be used? why is that? How to solve?

If the other keys of the air mouse are normal and only the gyroscope cannot be used, there is a high probability that it is a product problem, and you need to communicate with the seller in time.

If only the gyroscope is very slow, you can try to lay the air mouse remote control flat on the table, wait a few minutes, and then use it again.

If the above still can’t be solved, please add WhatsApp or email to info@tvpao.com directly, after informing the specific problem, I will give a solution as soon as possible, thank you!