Android TV box is one of the popular streaming media devices, as long as it is connected to the network, customers can easily watch videos, pictures and other information. Moreover, most TV Boxes have USB ports, which can use USB devices, such as USB drive, USB Flash, etc.

However, there are also many users that TV Box cannot use or read USB? How to solve this?

1. Confirm and check whether the USB device is normal, you can check whether the USB port contains foreign bodies or objects, or you can plug it into other devices, such as a computer, to see if there is the same problem.

2. The TV Box has multiple USB sockets. You can try a few more sockets. There may be a problem of poor contact between the USB sockets.

3. The USB permission has not been activated. Generally, there will be a prompt when using the system folder App for the first time. It is necessary to activate the USB permission to use it normally.

The above are some questions about USB, has it solved your problem? If you still have questions, please leave me a comment directly below.

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