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H96 MAX X4 Amlogic S905X4 Android 11.0 TV Box
HAKO PRO S905Y4 Android 11.0 ATV Box

TV Box is one of the commonly used home electronic devices, with the development of the times, gradually become one of the essential products at home. Currently, TV Boxes are available in Android and LINUX systems, of which Android systems are divided into three categories, iATV system boxes, ATV system boxes and AOSP system boxes. They do not have the same function, only the system has a slight difference.

Apart from this, the chipset, Android version, RAM, WIFI, USB and other features of the boxes are different and hence the prices are also different.

Today we are going to share the USB function of TV Box is not working.

First of all, check whether the USB device can be used normally, you can plug it into the computer to see if it is working.

Secondly, Android TV Box generally has 2 or 3 USB sockets, if one doesn’t work, you can change the other USB socket, sometimes the socket will have poor connected problems.

Finally, some boxes need to open USB permissions, generally in the first use of the system folder APP.

So, how to read USB on Android box?

1. AOSP boxes can be viewed in the system folder

2. ATV boxes need to download an APP similar to the system folder (e.g. File Manager) to view it.

3. Be sure to open all permissions when opening the system folder.

Above is the question about USB function on set top box, if you want to know more about TV Box, TV Stick, remote control, you can click the homepage of our website.