TV Box is one of the indispensable streaming devices in life. With TV Box, you can make your regular TV smart and easier to use.

Most of the TV Boxes are android system, currently the more common android version is android 9.0 to android 13.0, with different chipsets, RAM, single WIFI or dual WIFI, USB function, TF function and so on, the price is very different.

So, one of the problems we would like to share today is the solution for WIFI not working.

Firstly, make sure your Wifi is normal, then make sure that there will be a WiFi list display when you turn on the box’s WiFi. If it doesn’t show up, it may be a quality problem of the box, you can try to refresh the firmware. If it is displayed but can not be connected, confirm whether the WiFi can be connected normally, you can use the cell phone to connect, and at the same time confirm whether the password entered by the customer is correct.
If it is displayed but cannot search the WiFI that the customer needs to connect, generally this situation is that the customer needs to connect 5G WiFi, the specific processing methods are as follows:
a Confirm the country where the customer is using
b Confirm whether the box can connect 2.4G WiFi, whether the box supports 5G WiFi
c Confirm whether the 5G WiFi of the your router is turned on.
d The signal channel of the set top box and the signal channel of the router don’t match, you need to adjust the signal channel of the router, you can refer to the manual of the router for the specific adjustment method. The adjustment position is usually in: WIFI advanced settings-RF settings, the international standard is: 12-41?

The above is about WIFI can not be connected on android boxes, if you still have questions, please leave me a message, thank you!

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