A streaming device, also known as a streaming media player or digital media player, is a hardware device that attaches to your TV and connects to your network, allowing you to access and stream digital content from the Internet. Some of the more well-known devices are Android TV boxes, TV Sticks, Linux-based TV boxes, Apple TV, and etc.

Using a streaming device offers several advantages for enhancing your TV viewing experience. Here are some reasons why people choose to use streaming devices:

1. **Access to Streaming Services**: Streaming devices provide access to a wide range of online content through various apps and services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and some apps directly download from Google play store.

2. **Internet-Based Content**: They allow you to watch internet-based content on your TV, including user-generated videos, live streams, and other online media.

3. **Cost-Effectiveness**: Streaming devices are often more affordable than buying a new smart TV, making them a cost-effective way to upgrade your current TV to a smart TV.

4. **Ease of Use**: Most streaming devices come with intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

5. **Regular Updates**: Unlike some built-in smart TV features, streaming devices receive regular software updates, ensuring you have the latest features and security improvements.

6. **App Ecosystem**: They provide access to a vast app ecosystem, allowing you to download and use a wide variety of apps for different purposes, such as gaming, social media, and news.

7. **Device Agnostic**: Streaming devices can be used with any TV, regardless of the brand or model, making them a versatile addition to your home entertainment setup.

8. **Performance**: Dedicated streaming devices often have better performance compared to some smart TVs, providing faster app loading times and smoother operation.

9. **Additional Inputs/Outputs**: Some streaming devices offer additional ports for connecting peripherals, such as gaming controllers, microphones, or external storage.

10. **Voice Control and Search**: Many streaming devices come with voice control features, allowing you to search for content, control playback, and access apps using voice commands.

11. **Screen Mirroring and Casting**: They often support screen mirroring or casting from mobile devices, letting you display your phone or tablet screen on the TV.

12. **Gaming**: Some streaming devices, particularly those with more powerful hardware, can support gaming apps and even console-quality games.

13. **Media Playback**: Streaming devices often come with media players that can play a wide range of audio and video formats, making it easy to play content from various sources.

14. **Global Content Access**: Some streaming devices can be used to access content from different regions, offering a more diverse range of content for viewers.

Using a streaming device can significantly enhance your TV experience by providing access to a wealth of content and features that may not be available on your current TV setup.

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