In this article, we will share a problem with the smart voice control of the remote control, which is also one of the most feedback from our customers, so why some remote control with voice control cannot work?

The voice-controlled remote control is a relatively common remote control. People only need to hold the voice key and speak the command to quickly open the software. Such as: open YouTube, the controlled box or TV can open YouTube immediately.

So, what should I do if the voice of the remote control cannot be used?

1. Confirm the system that the customer uses on the device. Generally speaking, the Bluetooth-connected remote control only supports the voice function of the ATV boxes or ATV devices, and the 2.4G-connected remote control can support ATV and AOSP boxes/TVs.

2. Confirm the customer’s operation. Many remote controls require the user to long press the voice button and then speak, and then release it after speaking. For example: BPR1 series Bluetooth air mouse remote control.

3. Let the user try the voice key in the main interface of your TV or TV Box to see if it can be used. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that the customer’s network is normal and that the Google voice assistant has been installed.
If there is no problem with the above operations of the customer, reconfirm the device used by the customer, because the voice function of some devices may be incompatible.

4. Determine if it is a double module remote control? Because if the double-module remote control cannot be used, it is necessary to confirm the system used by the customer. The Bluetooth function and the 2.4G function cannot be used at the same time. The device of the AOSP system can only use the voice function under 2.4G, so it needs to be disconnected Bluetooth function firstly, clear the Bluetooth pairing record, and then reconnect to 2.4G to use the voice function (ATV devices can be used in both modes)

The above are some common situations about voice remote control, if you have any other questions, please contact me through the following, thank you!

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