Generally speaking, the current TV Box supports WIFI and network cable connection. However, some customers will have WIFI related problems. What should I do if WIFI cannot be used?

It needs to be confirmed whether a WIFI list will appear when the customer opens the WIFI settings of the box.

If the WIFI list is not displayed, there is a high probability that it is a problem with the box itself. At this time, you need to communicate with the seller of the Android TV Box in time.

If the WIFI list can be displayed normally but cannot be connected, please confirm whether the password entered by you & or your customer is correct.

If the WIFI list is displayed normally but the WiFI that the customer needs to connect to cannot be found, it usually occurs that the customer needs to connect to the 5G WiFi. The specific processing method is as follows.

1. Confirm whether the box can connect to 2.4G WiFi and whether the box supports 5G WiFi?
2. Confirm whether the 5G WiFi of the customer’s router is turned on
3. The signal channel of the box does not match the signal channel of the router. It is necessary to adjust the signal channel of the router. For the specific adjustment method, please refer to the instruction manual of the router.

The adjustment position is generally: WIFI advanced settings – radio frequency settings, the international standard is: 12-41.

The above are some solutions when your WIFI of TV Box is not working. If you have other problems of the Set top box, you can leave me messages below or WhatsApp me.