Android TV box is one of the essential streaming devices for watching LIVE, movies, and TV series in every household. Most of TV boxes will include YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, IMDB, TikTok, Chromecast, and so many other regular apps. youtube problem

1. YouTube Can not Open

Recently, we received feedback from a customer that opened YouTube and he got this screen info and couldn’t watch any videos.

The picture is related to your box, once you have this problem, please factory reset it.

Of course, this example only appears in the box of H96 Max RK3318, if there is a similar situation, you can use the same method for the android box.

2. YouTube Keeps Freezing or Lagging

Another more common problem is that the Youtube App or other apps keeps lagging and it is very difficult to move by air mouse/tv remote. If you have this problem with your set-top box, you need to make sure that the memory of your TV box is not overloaded. If there is not enough memory, you need to clear the cache or delete some software that you don’t use often, or bought one tv box have a larger ROM & RAM.

The above is the YouTube situation we will encounter, if you have additional info for soving these problems or other questions that you do not know how to solve. Please send an email to or Viber/Whatsapp/Telegram: +86 18126129120, also tell me the problem of the box or the video, I will give you a solution as soon as possible.