What we want to share today is a comparison of the two boxes. These two boxes are X98H and X98H Pro TV Box. The names and configurations of the boxes are very similar, so what is the difference between the two TV boxes?

  1. Appearance, design.
    X98H is square, X98H Pro is rectangular, and has a honeycomb design, which looks different on different sides.
  2. X98H Pro TV Box has Dual HDMI. (HDMI IN and HDMI OUT), and there is an HD switch button to switch the display screen.
  3. The X98H TV Box only has 2G/16G and 4G/32G memory, and the X98H Pro TV Box also has 4G/64G memory for users to choose from.
  4. X98H Pro TV Box can work for 1000M ethernet, while X98H TV Box is only for 100M Ethernet.
  5. Others are the same, both TV Boxes with Android 12.0 operating system, the same Allwinner H618 chipset, 4K, and support Bluetooth 5. X, AV connection, WIFI6 2.4G&5.8G, 3x 2.0 USB, and TF card.
  6. Because of the different configurations, and the cost differentiation, so the price is not the same.

The above is about the comparison of these two boxes, so which TV Box do you prefer?

X98H H618 Android 12 TV Box
X98H PRO Android 12 TV Box