Your quarantine killer- Android Stridebox Leave a comment wishes you guys all the best there.

And if you don’t mind, we want to introduce a brand-new box to you, the Stridebox. And also, some details of the box as follows.

Free IPTV subscription for your lifetime

Yes, we are not making mistakes. You can have the membership account of the IPTV on this box as long as the box works, you don’t need to pay for the subscription, no recharge fee as well.

Feeling interested? Check the following video to find out if the channels fit your needs.


Allow multi-users to set their favorite channels

Well, we often get into the mess that dads want sports channels, moms like soap operas while kids want cartoons.

Now Stridebox provides the solution by supporting multi-users and the number can be up to 6. 

Stridebox gets more than you can image, you will surely enjoy it. 

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